New Year, New You

Somehow whenever New Years Eve creeps around we all have our minds on what we can change about ourselves for the new year. That gleaming opportunity to start fresh. A whole new year! New goals! Healthy food, exercise, make more money, be kind, travel more etc…I can keep going. I’m sure you know what I mean. We all feel it. It’s also January, and in a lot of places it is dark and cold. Another reason we need a little pick me up. More blonde hair to brighten the mood, a fresh haircut to change our perspective. 

Whether we want to change our body, our hair, or our perspective, here are some tips for the brides of 2018. How can you still get that new fix you crave without going to far? 


2018 Brides


First of all congratulations! You are getting married this year! Let the countdown begin. Below are some statistics and guides to help you through the coming months leading up to your wedding: when, and how often to get your hair trimmed, how long it should be for an updo, and when to get it colored before the wedding. Here we go!




If you are looking to do something drastic, as in cut your hair really short but you also want it in an updo for your wedding. I advise you not to cut it at all. BUT if you desperately feel the need to change your hair, the U.S. CDC says the average person’s hair grows about 6 inches per year, about .50 inches a month. You can do the math and totally risk it. I personally like hair to be at least shoulder length for a good updo. There are always extensions that can help give you a little more length and body to your hair. No matter what route you choose, eat your veggies, and take your vitamins. Let’s get this hair of yours long and lucious!



Vitamins for healthy hair

-Biotin(do not take too much, follow the label instructions)

-Fish oil

-Any Multi-vitamin (prenatal vitamins are amazing)

-Get your vitamins through your veggies! Get that green smoothie going. All those dark leafy greens are full of iron and vitamins that are so good for your hair.


Hair Color


If 2018 is telling you to change your hair color, let’s think about this for a minute. I always advise my brides to be as close to natural as possible for their big day. Why? When you look back at your pictures (which you will be looking at for the rest of your life) you want to see you. Not the hair trend of the year. This doesn’t mean you can’t add some beautiful dimension to your brunette hair, or some lowlights to your blonde locks. I am just saying now might not be the best time for you to go from sunkissed blonde to black forest brown. It is horribly damaging to change it back when you don’t like it a month later. Coloring can sometimes cause a lot of damage so that is reason alone to not do anything drastic. Let’s keep that hair healthy! If you are a beautiful blond, stay beautiful and blonde. If you have gorgeous brown hair, stay gorgeous brown. Be you. I can guarantee you will feel so much more comfortable, especially years down the road, with your wedding pictures.


Healthy Trims


Every 8-12 weeks get a trim

A trim 1-2 weeks before the wedding(you want your hair to look healthy, but not necessarily just cut. 1-2 weeks before is perfect) 


Hair color


1-2 weeks before the wedding have your hair colored

(same goes for hair color, you want it to look fresh, with no roots. But you don’t it to be so fresh that have a color band on your forehead. Or if you ever need to tweak the color for some reason you want to give yourself the time to be able to do that. 1-2 weeks before is perfect)


Wishing all you beautiful brides out there a Happy New Year and huge congratulations. This is going to be your best year yet! This year is yours!


Tell me, what

It is you plan

to do with

your one wild

and precious life?

-Mary Oliver


Location: Cape Neddick, ME

Hair: Megan Vandevanter

Makeup: Norman Sands

Photos: Hailey & Joel Photography

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