5 Tips to Stress Less

Chronic stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss, heart disease, cancer, and suicide in the US!!! Can you believe that ?! Not only can stress weaken our immune system but it can actually make our hair fall out! We all have stress in our life daily but how we deal with it is the important thing. Here are some tips to avoid unwanted hair loss, wrinkles, and chronic disease. 

1. Say no! We are waaaay too busy in this day and age. Stop taking on more than you can handle. 

2. Prioritize “What’s important now” (WIN’s). Make a list and number in order of what is important now and what can wait. You will be really surprised at the amount of things that can actually wait to be done.

3. Keep a “Time” journal. Record literally everything you do for a day. You will see so many areas where you wasted time checking your phone or email for the millionth time, or scrolled Facebook for an hour. Take back your time!!

4. Make time for yourself. Take a walk, get a good workout in, meditate, Facetime a friend, meet a friend for a hike, read a book. (look at your time journal, where can you squeeze in personal time?)

5. Breathe. If you do have a stressful day. Breathe. Deep breaths. Through your nose. Count to 4 on the inhale(through your nose), count to 6 on the exhale (through your nose).

Being efficient with our time instead of just “busy” is so important. It frees up time for ourselves where we can relax and do something we love or connect with people we love. This is something I strive for daily and is always a work in progress. Let’s have more “WIN’s” in our life and less stress!

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