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Some of the most frequently asked questions from my brides are should I wash my hair the day of the wedding? Should my hair be dirty? I thought my hair needs to be dirty for it to be put up? Here are some of my honest opinions, and strategies to make sure my brides look amazing the day of their wedding. I think every stylist has a different way they go about perfecting hair. But hopefully this gives you a general idea of what to expect for your big event. 


The day of your wedding you want to feel your best, and also look your best. You want to feel crisp, clean, and classic. Whether you are channeling Audrey Hepburn, Bridget Bardot,or Kim Kardashian you want your hair to look perfect and at least “appear” clean. Why do hairdressers always say to have “dirty hair”? What does this even mean?


“Dirty hair” – Textured, easily pliable, not slippery, not flyaway.  

“Greasy hair” – Appears wet, flat to your head, oily, stiff


There is some truth to the myth that your hair needs to be “dirty” for it to be put up. But please refer to my definitions above. There is a fine line between “dirty” and “greasy”.  No one one wants their hair to look greasy on their wedding day. You know your hair best. Take your stylists advice, but also trust yourself. If you know you’re hair gets greasy in one night definitely wash it the day of your event. If you have wild curly, frizzy hair, and think its calmer two days after washing it, don’t wash it. Go with your gut! 


Tip #1

It is easier for the stylist to add texture to your hair with product, then to have to wash and dry your hair the day of your event. 


Sometimes “dirty” depends on the style you desire…




Bridal updos are still one of the most desired wedding looks. I  personally want some texture to the hair, but a lot of softness as well. I usually recommend to wash it the day before the wedding. Or come in for a wash, and  blow out before your rehearsal dinner. Your hair will be clean, with the use of professional products,  and have the perfect amount of volume for your updo the next day. 

Tip #2

If you want to have curls the day of your wedding, never flat iron before getting your hair styled, unless you decide to rewash it. A curl will not hold on flat ironed hair. 


Half up half down style


Half up half down style is so popular right now. You really get the best of both worlds. Hair pulled off your face but also cascading down your back. Whenever a bride wants her hair down (even partially down) I recommend to wash and dry the day of the wedding. You want it fresh and flowy. No grease and dirt needed here! 


Tip #3

Keep in mind, your hair type. Straight, fine, frizzy, curly, flat, no volume, doesn’t hold a curl, looks like bozo the clown in humidity. Really think about this. What style will work best for your hair, in the season you are getting married. 


Down style


The classic down style, with loose curls, or a natural straight blow out. I prefer to have my brides let me wash and dry their hair the day of the wedding. I think the best results come from using professional products, a volumizing, or smoothing blow out (depending on texture of hair), and curling iron work or flat iron to finish up. This gives me peace of mind that it will stay for as long as possible, keeping hair tamed and holding the curl. 


Tip #5

If you desperately want to wear your hair down, and you know it doesn’t hold a curl well. A great security blanket is having some clip in extensions put in. Extensions will hold a curl a lot better than your natural hair, and will not get frizzy in humid weather.



Bristol Rhode Island|Linden Place|Vintage Chic Wedding

Kayla decided to wear her long hair half up half down. Her Rhode Island June wedding would most likely be mild temperature, and hopefully sunny. Knowing the ever changing New England weather we decided to get some clip in extensions, just to be on the safe side. These extensions would give her more volume,  and keep a curl all night long. It also added dimensional color to her brunette hair. 

The day of the wedding it ended up being stormy, and extremely humid. We still went with our original plan, of a half up half down style, adding a couple panels of Euronext natural hair extensions.  Her hair stayed curled the whole night, and the extensions kept most of the humidity frizz blended. She was one stunning bride. 

There is always a plan for each individual bride. Everyone’s hair is different, so talk out your vision with your stylist to see what is best for you. Best of luck.

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