Pay it forward

Pay it forward


Have you ever had someone act kindly to you for no reason at all and it completely makes your day? I think we can say we all have at some point and time, and it is legit the best thing ever! Not only do I love receiving acts of kindness, I am obsessed with giving them. That burst of energy, and warmth that fills your body when you surprise someone by holding the door open, smiling and saying hello, buying someone a coffee, sending a friend your favorite book, etc. Our favorite family thing to do right now is surprise each other with little notes of appreciation. I will write Greye a note telling her how much I love her big heart and her beautiful smile, and she will reciprocate and color me a beautiful picture and write “I love you Mom” on it. Willis and I will send each other small texts randomly saying “I appreciate you”, “I am so grateful for you”, “Thank you for doing the dishes”. It is the best, and I have found myself going out of my way to try and get creative to surprise my family with love. It is like a love game! Not a “i’m messing with your emotions” horrible love game(we have all been there). A fun game to out compete your family with kindness and love! 

We have had so much fun spreading kindness at home, we started expanding to our neighborhood and Greye’s school. Recently one of Greye’s preschool friends brought her a beautiful note and put it in a book called “Dear Girl” (which is amazing by the way). Greye thought it was so sweet, but she realized that she already had that book from her Aunt. I thought why not pay it forward and pass it on to another friend who can enjoy this book too? Greye thought it was a great idea and wrote a cute note for our neighbor and walked over and dropped it off. The little girl’s mom texted me later and said they have had this book on their wish list for a while and have already read it 10 times since we dropped it off! Day made 🙂 

One of my favorite books is “Everything is Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo. I tend to buy this book for everyone (seriously lol) and I am reading it for the second time as we speak and will probably read it again when I’m done. If you haven’t read it you should!(FYI to my sisters, this is your mothers day present :)). So here you go and your welcome! If you want to feel inspired, and motivated to do anything you set your mind to, this is the book for you. So much amazing wisdom told in a regular person type of way. Marie hooked me on the second chapter where she starts by saying “Don’t offend yourself. If you’re going to clutch your pearls and gasp in horror seeing words like “clusterfuck” or “shitstorm” in print, let us lovingly part ways now.” Read it. It actually inspired me to write this blog right now. I kept avoiding it and saying I didn’t have time, when I got to the chapter “Eliminate excuses”. Marie spoke truth to my soul, “ It’s never about having the time, It’s about making the time”. This blog is important to me, if I inspire one person then it is worth me making the time to sit down and write, and pay it forward. (it has also helped me figure out how to fix a robot vacuum when it swallows a pencil, how to solve problems in a pandemic…The options are endless for us to put our minds to work and figure it out.) Speaking of paying it forward, I sent this book to my best friend and she loved it so much she sent me “Untamed” By Glennon Doyle, which is an amazing read and completely made my day. Kindness is contagious! Let’s start a kindness movement!

“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.” Jane Goodall


Let’s stop being shy and safe in our little comfort zone. I know I am more than that, and so are you. We can all spread some light on the darkness, make someone’s day a little better! Start with one small act of kindness a day, I promise you you will be addicted! We have been religiously listening to the Trolls soundtrack lately(yes me too) and listening to the lyrics, i’m thinking these are really inspirational!(Also Anna Kendrick and JT rock) “Knock me over i’ll get back up again! Don’t be afraid to let them show.. your true colors” Really! It’s great! I also love how they incorporate hair into a couple of the songs:). So let’s “everybody move your hair and feel united oh-oh” go out and slay the day, spread that kindness!

“Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.” Michael Landon

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Photo below: A little note Greye slipped under the door to me early one morning. Best way to start the day :). How can you pay it forward?


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