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It’s possible to pursue something for yourself while simultaneously showing up well for the people you love. It’s possible to be a great mother and great entrepreneur. It’s possible to be an awesome wife and still want to get together regularly with your girlfriends. It’s possible to be this and that. It’s possible to decide that you’re going to be centered in who you are and what matters most to you and let other people’s opinions fall away. Don’t buy into the hype or the pressure or the guilt that you’ve got to be one or the other. Maybe that’s true for other people, maybe that’s their opinion, but only you get to decide what’s true for you.” Rachel Hollis

Megan-51.jpgThis paragraph makes me want to run out and try to be anything and everything, with “This girl is on fire” playing in the background. We can accomplish anything, while being a good wife, mom, and friend. What do you want to do that you have been waiting on because the kids are too little or you just don’t have time? No judgement here! It took me 14 years to go out on my own as a hairstylist and realize I could own my own independent business while being a mom and wife. I still have days where I feel crippling mom guilt, that makes me second guess my drive and purpose. Pushing through the guilt is sometimes a daily battle, but I know setting a good example for my daughter is so important. Showing her you can do anything you set your mind to even while being a mom, wife,and friend. (side note: While I was having my picture taken for this blog I opened up to my photographer/friend telling her how guilty I felt being there right now while my husband was home putting Greye to bed, and how I left the house with my daughter in tears. She said to me “Megan, do you know how many times I have almost got rid of my business(she is a mom of three), but that’s not life, we can’t always be bending over backwards for our kids, they need to see us do something that is important to us, so they will do the same for themselves. You are doing the right thing being here.” It was exactly the support I needed and maybe the support  you need to to follow your dreams and desires whatever they might be.)“Embracing the idea that you can want things for yourself even if nobody else understands the whys behind them is the most freeing and powerful feeling in the world.”

Now that my business is more established, I have been trying to figure out my next goal to work on to grow more personally and as a business. We are halfway through the year 2021 and every self help book keeps telling me I can only focus on ONE THING, but Help!! I came across Rachel Hollis’ book “Girl stop apologizing”, and I really liked her method to figure out what my one goal will be. Have you ever heard of the 10,10, 1 method? Yeah me either because Rachel says she “made it up” haha awesome!  Take a look at how she breaks it down and makes it easier to see what we might want for the future.(Also p.s. Rachel is a mom of 4 kids!!)

“Ten years

Ten Dreams

One goal

Who do you want to be in ten years? What are the ten dreams that will make that a reality for you? Which one of those dreams are you going to turn into a goal and focus on next? 10,10,1.”

Megan-46.jpgSounds simple right? This exercise took me days of thinking and writing to finally come up with my top ten and my one goal.I have a really hard time thinking that far ahead, 10 years?! Greye will be 15 years old! Holy crap! BUT It gave me so much clarity of what I should be doing now to create my best dream life for the future. I highly recommend writing down yours! Even if it is just starting a new tiny habit to better your life for the future, do it! For example here are some of my 10 year visions (I got pretty specific in what I wrote down. Writing is very powerful though, be careful what you write)
  1. I will be happily married to Willis, we will have an extraordinary relationship where we communicate openly, learn and grow together, and be each other’s greatest supporters to be our best selves.

  2. I will have an exceptional relationship with Greye. We will have a deep friendship and be able to come to each other and communicate freely about anything with no judgement. She will be a strong, hardworking, kind young woman.

  3. Once a year we will travel as a family to a new location, and explore the world.

  4. I will write a successful blog that helps thousands of people.

How do I turn these visions into dreams? My 10 dreams look something like this:

-I will be a soulmate to Willis.

-I will be a role model, best friend and confidant for Greye.

-I will be a world traveler and explorer of new places.

-I will be the author of a successful blog that helps thousands of people.

Gary Keller in “The one thing” says “Big gives you the best chance for extraordinary results today and tomorrow. When Arthur Guiness set up his first brewery, he signed a 9,000-year lease. When J.K. Rowling conceived  Harry Potter, she thought big and envisioned seven years at Hogwarts before she penned the first chapter of the first of seven books. Before Sam Walton opened his first Walmart , he envisioned a business so big that he felt he needed to go ahead and set up his future estate plan to minimize inheritance taxes. “

What was the saying? GO BIG OR GO HOME. After I wrote down all of my visions and dreams I narrowed it down to 10 (which was really hard), But seeing my top 10 of each written down I realized what I could do as my next ONE goal that will help me with all of my dreams to achieve my 10 year vision. (drum roll)I am going ALL in on this blog!! This blog will challenge me, take me out of my comfort zone and set up all my dominoes for the future. I am going to bring you along on my self mastery journey, and if I can help you along the way, amazing! What are your biggest hopes and dreams? Even if it doesn’t seem big, we need YOU! As Jennifer Sincero says in “You are a badass”, “Every single person is born with unique and valuable gifts to share with the world. Once we figure out what ours are, and decide to live our lives putting them to use, that’s when, and only when, the real party begins.” Let’s get that party started my friends!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain


Girl Stop Apologizing- Rachel Hollis

The One Thing – Gary Keller

You are a Badass- Jennifer Sincero

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