The 5 Minute Salad

For Mother’s day last year my daughter made me the most adorable bookmark that said all of my favorite things on it. For my “Favorite food” Greye wrote in “Salad”. I thought my favorite food was pizza but when I thought about it I do eat a lot more salads then pizza, so maybe salad is my favorite food (ha). I do love a good salad!! Fresh crunchy veggies, full of greens, leaving me satisfied and energized. Do you ever have a lunch that leaves you bloated, tired, and irritable? Swap that out for a salad and you will see a huge difference in your energy, and it only takes 5 minutes to make. Here are some of my favorite things to put on my salad and how I make it in 5 minutes. 

Meg’s daily Salad:

Organic Spring Mix (prewashed)


Raw Broccoli Florets (prewashed)

Snow Peas

Black Olives

Pumpkin Seeds

Primal Kitchen Dressing

Grilled Chicken; we grill chicken ahead of time at the beginning of the week and halfway through the week

I use all organic veggies. I also try to get as many things as I can “pre-washed” and pre-cut so I can make a quicker salad. Another thing to make it faster: have a set container you use so you can whip it out, put a cover on, and head out the door. Make your meat or protein ahead of time in big batches that will keep for a couple days. Here are some other veggies I switch in and out daily to switch it up.


Raw Green Beans

Beets (pre-cooked)


50/50 Lettuce Mix

Kalmata Olives



I try to keep my salad as green as possible; I don’t do well with the nightshades. But find what works best for you. Raw veggies can be hard to digest for some, you can steam the broccoli and green beans ahead of time but you will lose some nutrients. 5 Minutes… set a timer.

1. Prepare ahead of time(groceries, and protein)

2. Easy to go container.

3. 5 minutes put it together.

Ready, set, go!

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