3 Ways To Show Up For Yourself In 2022

The universe has my back. Everything I need to manifest my desires is lining up for me right now.”

Jen Sincero

It has been one whole year since I started this blog. Can you believe that!?! My journey and self growth has been incredible in 2021 and I seriously can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for me in 2022. Here are three huge lessons I learned in 2021 and will be practicing in 2022. Even if you adopt one of these strategies you will see exponential change in your confidence and your life. Cheers to practicing and to getting exactly what you want in the New Year! You deserve it!

  1. Boundaries. Set them. Keep them. Don’t change them for anyone. You are the only one that can take care of you, prioritize your health, your sanity, your social life, and your worth. No one else is going to do this for you, say no where you need to say no, say yes where you need to say yes, and know where your limits are. Are you spreading yourself too thin? Are you being taken advantage of? Check in with your health; are you able to eat, move, and get adequate sleep? Do you have time for your family and friends? Last but not least, are you living your dream life? Write down all of these questions and honestly answer them. Where can you make changes and set boundaries to get closer to that dream life? This might not happen overnight but it sure as hell is a good start!
  2. Ask for help. Asking for help does not make you weak! I think a lot of women in general (me) go about their life trying to do it all, because society has made us believe that’s what is normal. It’s normal for moms to be exhausted doing everything at home for the kids and working full time. This DOES NOT  have to be our reality!! We can choose to have it all by asking for help. If you look at super successful people, they have entourages of help: nannies, house cleaners, cooks. We might not be able to afford all of that but we definitely have a lot of options. Hire a babysitter, start a nanny share, ask your husband to help cook dinner, ask for help walking the dog, teach your child how to do laundry, hire a house cleaner, get an iRobot vacuum, hire a coach to help you find balance, hire a bookkeeper. Seriously, your options are endless and don’t all cost money. Write down where you could use help to be able to do things for yourself and your self care (eating, moving, sleeping), put the problem in google or ask people you know, and TADA!! Accept the help, accept the opportunities that come from this open door. 
  3. Go for what you’re worth. Do you love your job? Are you a CEO, a barista, teacher, nanny, hairdresser,accountant, yoga teacher, waitress, bartender, small business owner, personal trainer, or a stay at home mom? Do you feel appreciated in your work? If the answer is no, or if you have to drag yourself out of bed each morning moaning and complaining, most likely you do not feel that you are being compensated for your worth. Or you are not working towards your true purpose and potential. STOP. Really think about this. If you are not being paid for the work you are doing, if your prices are not high enough and you are afraid to raise them, if you are not in a job that you love, if you can’t grow in the job that you are in, if you are a stay at home mom and don’t feel appreciated by your family, or feel like your purpose is more … this is all OK. And luckily you can change your reality. It won’t be easy, it will be so uncomfortable you will probably feel like you will die, but we can do hard things. And the outcome will be more rewarding then you could ever imagine. Charge your worth, ask for a raise, quit your job and do something you love and that gives you purpose. Ask for help, get uncomfortable, communicate your true self and feelings. You are the only one that can make your dream life a reality. Work hard, always do your best, get scrappy, push, shove, and claw your way to your dream. Wake up and be able to say “I am right where I am supposed to be.”. 


A word of advice.. Be open to all unique opportunities. I repeat this every morning in my meditation and I also write it down. It is a great reminder to really be open to change and to look deep into things that come your way. This does not mean to say yes to everything, just before you say no, ask yourself, how will this benefit my life? Is this the change that my soul needs? Is this a path to a true purpose? Will this get me outside my comfort zone and bring growth? The goals I set last year completely changed halfway through the year and took me on a path I never even knew I wanted. I found a new purpose that I am fired up about, that makes me jump out of bed in the morning, excited for the future. FIND YOUR FIRE. SPREAD YOUR LIGHT. BE IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIFE.

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