The 14-Day Movement Pact

One day when I was so tired from my super intense workout…

I didn’t have the energy to run around with my daughter I decided this is enough. I am done torturing my body. I am done being so sore I can’t work out the next day. I am done getting injured because I am over exercising. Just like with food, I needed to rebuild my relationship with exercise and find a balance.  

This opened up the door for me to learn the difference between movement and exercise. This opened up the door to find movement that I love and enjoy doing. To appreciate all that my body does for me each day. This opened up the door to create this movement program and share what I have learned so you too can build a healthy relationship with movement. 

This 14 day challenge is designed to take you from sedentary to active by adding simple movements throughout your day and keep you moving CONSISTENTLY. 

For instance you will gain:

  • Energy
  • Be Happier, therefore have less stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • I guarantee you will actually enjoy MOVING. This is not to say you should stop doing your more intense workouts… if you love it, do it! If it makes you feel good, do it! I still love a good run or a bodyweight circuit, it is all about the balance. If you workout so hard you don’t feel like moving the rest of the day you are probably over doing it. If you don’t workout at all and want to start this is a great simple approach to ease your way into moving everyday.
  • This program will help you find balance, and to get you from sitting all day to moving and thriving! 
  • Mindset. In other words this program will change your perception of exercise and you will find movement you love and can sustain. 
  • You can make this program as easy or hard as you want it to be, just keep moving! Remember tiny movements count. One jumping jack, one push up, walk to the kitchen, stand up from your desk and sit back down. You CAN do this.

Above all our health and well being depends on it!!

“Developing a varied set of habitual non-exercise movements is the most important thing you can do.” Dr. Joan Verkinos former Director of NASA

“Every single thing our bodies do requires movement.” Katy Bowman “Move your DNA

Do you want to change your life?

In addition to changing your life join in and have some fun because “We’re going streaking”!! Want to know what I’m talking about? Purchase below and print out the calendar included with the program or use your own. Hold yourself accountable! I want to be tagged with these calendars as you go along with the program. How many days can you go moving each day?

In conclusion follow my guide to a new happier, healthier version of you! I will be here every step of the way cheering you on and of course moving!! Show up for yourself starting today!

To me, if life boils down to one thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving.”

Jerry Seinfeld

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