My Story Part One

The Day it All Began

It all came down to my daughter. I thought being a mom would let me off the hook from actually trying in life, from actually using my true potential. I thought it would be enough, and that sacrificing myself, and my gifts was what you do when you become a mom. Wow was I wrong. 

My daughter is everything to me, and being a mom has been one of the most important parts of my journey in life. As much purpose as I found in being a parent there was still something missing. My husband, knowing me so well, came to me and said “You are an amazing mother Megan, but it has consumed YOU. What example are you then showing Greye for the future? Should she  deny her own gifts ?”. Even though that was hard to hear I knew he was right, and had my best interest at heart. I felt that I had more to offer than being a mom with no hobbies, and a low paying job that I was miserable in. Most importantly I was following a path that wasn’t my own. It was a learned path I knew from my childhood, and also what society and the media was telling me I “should” be doing. I needed to break this pattern and find myself again, and my true purpose. This is where it began. My path from sitting dormant to living. 

“Stop existing and start living!”

With my husband’s undying support and confidence in my ability I started my first successful business as an independent hair stylist. Working for myself gave me so much confidence, tripled my income, and I felt like I was helping people feel their best in the best way that I could. But it was superficial and I still felt like something was missing. Don’t get me wrong I love my career as a hairstylist, and the relationships I have built with my amazing clients. I am so incredibly grateful for my clients and the lessons I have learned. Learning is the key word here. I have learned that being a hair stylist is my “shadow calling”, which means I am using my gifts but not to my full potential. Realizing this years later after COVID-19, my husband and I were both searching for more meaning in our life and personal growth. I became a certified life coach, and I am now building my second business as a Life and Health Coach. 

“When Patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”

I say this so simply, but it took years of trial and error, hard work, and agonizing mistakes to get where I am now. Without all of these lessons and growth I would not know what I am truly capable of. When I found my true calling, this lit a fire of purpose within me and I decided to continue on with school after my first certification. To follow my passion of health and fitness. I broke my pattern of the stereotype mom I had stuck in my head. This opened my eyes to the prospect that we are looking at things all wrong. Being a mom shouldn’t hold us back, it should be the fire that sends us shooting towards our true potential. What is more motivating than showing your child that the sky’s the limit!! 

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”

It has been a VERY long and bumpy road, but deep down I have always known that being healthy and active is where I am my happiest. And my failures and mistakes keep guiding me in the right direction. Always having a deep discipline with nutrition and fitness for myself, I never knew I could, or would want to help others with their journey. I truly believe that every moment means something and stays with us, not to haunt us but to shape us into who we are supposed to be in service to the world….continued 

Stay tuned for part 2.

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