Dear Mama’s

Dear Mama’s,

Happy Mother’s day to all of the mamas out there!! You all are badass, incredible, fierce human beings, with the highest purpose of raising the next generation. No pressure! Some even call it “holy work”. Celebrate this daily!! We don’t give ourselves nearly enough credit as parents. Being a mom is a 24/7 job that never ends. Even when your kids are grown you don’t just stop thinking about them!

Be kind to yourself today, and everyday. As much as your child is growing and evolving, so are YOU. Don’t forget to show up for yourself and your needs everyday. Remember, It is just as important to take care of yourself as your family. They are relying on you to be there to keep everything together, you need to be healthy in order to do that.

There is always a new day to be better. Did you lose your shit on your kids today? Join the club! There is so much to say and learn from a proper apology. Talk to your child, even if they can’t understand yet.

 Showing your child that you are not perfect and can say your sorry and grow from the experience is a HUGE learning moment for both of you. And let’s be real, no one is perfect. Losing your shit is definitely going to happen (probably often), so let’s practice showing authenticity and compassion. Show them you can react better next time!

Stand back and watch your child and be so proud of who they are becoming. All of your guidance, nurturing, and love has brought them to this place in life. BE SO PROUD. I watched my 6 year old daughter get out of the car and cross the dance parking lot on her own (because she’s 6 and told me “Mom I’ve got this.”). She stood at the door of the dance studio waiting for the class to start. Confident, determined, strong. I stared at her from the car in awe with tears in my eyes, and said to myself “God, I love you so much.”. 

Show it all. Vulnerability, weakness, strength, quirky weirdness, love, compassion, kindness, anger, cleanliness, hard work, focus, confrontation. They are watching. Show them in this imperfect world that they too do not have to be perfect. Do your best, be open to learning, work hard, be kind, and that’s all that matters.

Last but not least, don’t ever forget YOU Mama. It is so easy in the hustle and bustle of motherhood to lose yourself. You are not the same person you were before, find yourself in your new purpose. You are SO important. Find the gift that has been given to you within Motherhood. Yes your child, but also the newfound fire that has been lit inside of you. Use it. Don’t let it diminish. You’ve got this!! 

With all the love and support,


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