What the Heck is a Coach?

What is a Coach?

Someone asked me the other day, “What is it that you do?”. I was kind of taken aback because I feel so deeply about my job as a coach that I just expect people to understand it completely. I eat, breathe, and sleep, my coaching methods! I am a living example, so I am going to explain to you what coaching means to me. 

To be a “Coach” can mean a lot of things.

There are sports and athletic coaches, which could mean you are a trainer, and give private instruction. In this day and age there are many other types of coaches; life, career, mom, prenatal, postnatal, health, macro, weight loss, fitness, hormones, the list goes on. If you want to learn something, you have help all around you! It’s amazing! 

This is what coaching means to me:

Coach: Helping an individual learn how to improve their own performance. Finding the answers within yourself. Discovering your true potential through consistent practice and dedication to become better each day. 

Let me break it down. We constantly get in our own way and self sabotage ourselves from reaching goals, career, and financial success. Most of us probably aren’t even aware of it. If you have the slightest need or want to be healthier, make more money, have more productivity in your days, have a job you love to go to, be happier, more present, take care of yourself better, sleep, eat and move better, stop what you’re doing and head to my website. 

I am here to help you find your true potential, and it all starts within our daily habits. Properly taking care of your needs; sleep, nutrition, movement, time management, and mindset. We work through your life now, and your vision for the future. Making small sustainable changes each day toward your goals, and consistently performing these changes EVERYDAY.

Of course no one is perfect, we are all human.

The point of creating your master routine is to build a healthy foundation you can always fall back on. Hence why I call my program “The Roots Program”. Have a bad day and skip some of your new habits, or eat food you normally wouldn’t eat? No big deal, tomorrow you get right back into your routine and that’s it! No guilt, no shame! Best thing about it is you will feel so good performing your routine day in and day that you will actually CRAVE it and will be dying to get back to it to get that secure feeling of your best self.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, “habits make us who we are.”

What do you repeatedly do? Really think about this, do you constantly run late in the morning? Do you eat when you’re stressed? Do you never take time for yourself? Do you always make excuses for why you hate your job? Think how often you do these things. 

Imagine if you exercised as easily as you brush your teeth daily. Imagine if you woke up in the morning as easily as you take a shower each day. Imagine if you planned healthy meals as easily as eating three meals daily. Imagine if you showed up for work with the energy you show up with on the dance floor. Anything can become a habit, and I am here to help you find yours. 

I am a health and life coach.

A pillar. A deep root system. An exemplar. A supporter. A learner. A guide.  Here to help you discover the life you are MEANT to have. I believe in you and infinite strength. You are worthy of it all. Let’s get to work!

Want to know how I came up with my roots program?! I LIVE IT! My life coaching certification taught me so much. I took what I learned and I applied it to my unique life as ME; a woman, a parent, wife, and entrepreneur. With years of practice and a lot of trial and error WALAH! The Roots Program was born. You can do the same thing by applying these practices to your life as well. Stop making excuses. There is never a perfect time to start, so start now!

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