3 Mindset Tricks You Have to Try

Mindset is EVERYTHING. Ever have a bad day where your mind is in such a funk that literally nothing can go right? Everything has gone wrong and continues to keep happening to YOU. Feeling like a victim, struggling to get a new perspective, begging for the day to just end! 

We all have days like these, but if you are having them more than once and a while, it’s time to make some changes! Don’t feel bad about this, trust me our minds ALWAYS need practice! Self mastery is not about “making it”, it is about continuously growing and becoming better each day. Most importantly know you are not alone!

Here are three of my favorite practices I use daily to deal with regular old life stressors, anxiety, and self doubt. When I get into a funk and have a bad day I recognize my emotions, let them happen, and pull myself out with these tools. NO ONE is perfect. We all have bad days, it’s all about how we react and how we recover.

3 Everyday Mindset Tools

  1. Gratitude.

Being thankful for the mundane, the tiniest little things that we look past everyday can change any situation. Being down in the dumps complaining to feeling so lucky and blessed you don’t remember why you were complaining in the first place. For example: As you all know my family and I just bought a house and moved to NY. Of course when buying a house usually there are extra expenses and weird quirks to the house you find out about after you move in. My gratitude tool has come in quite handy the past couple of weeks; “Thank you for this beautiful home that keeps us safe and warm, thank you for the running water dripping from my leaky faucet, thank you for the food that nourished my family that is now clogging the kitchen sink, thank you for the electricity that is coming from this chandelier that is completely not my style.” I continue on and on, and you know what? When you start your gratitude train you realize none of these complaints you had actually matter!!!! I am safe, well fed and hydrated, in a beautiful home, in a wonderful neighborhood, together as a family.

2. Everything is figureoutable.

One of my favorite books, and favorite people. If you don’t know Marie Forleo, look her up! This phrase always keeps me present and pulls me out of usually a “bad language sequence of F words”. “I can do this, I can figure this out!!”. There is always a solution!!! No matter what the situation, we can find a way. Whether we watch a video, read a book, ask for help, hire help, practice, or try again; finding a solution to a problem IS possible!! Everything is figureoutable is a regular phrase in my household along with “I can do this”, “can you please try again”, “and “how can we solve this problem”.  In the past two weeks, using this phrase I have learned how to take care of a pool, and how to do  electrical work. My next project is learning to change out faucets (haha and I’m sure I will be using this phrase A LOT.).

3. “I have so much to offer”.

Self-doubt, FOMO, Anxiety, Self-comparison. A day in the life of EVERY woman on the planet. Even if you are successful, beautiful, fit, and confident, there are always days when we feel self-conscious. The most important thing to know, there is only ONE YOU. No one else in the world has your unique look, personality, and talents. So when you start comparing yourself to someone on facebook, or feeling like you aren’t enough, remind yourself that you are authentically YOU, and no one else out there is or will ever be like you. Stop and say “I have so much to offer”. When you feel that pressure to do more, have more things, or to keep up with everyone else around you, stop and say “I am enough”. When you feel that anxiety that you can’t do something, that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, stop and say “I am worthy of all things.”.

Before you brush this off as being “silly” or “that won’t work”. The mind is incredibly strong. Did you know that the brain can actually convince your body a fake treatment is the real thing and actually start healing the body? It’s called the placebo effect. 

Did you know you can bring anything you want into your life through attraction and belief? Welcome manifestation into your life. Attract what you want in life, and believe that it will really happen. 

Of course our minds are so important to be able to be open to the big goals we want in life. Our mindset is just as important in our everyday life to be motivated to work out, eat healthy, be present with family, perform well at work, and take time for ourselves. These three tricks are a great place to start to get you moving toward days you love and appreciate.

Check this article on Oprah Daily on “How to manifest anything you want and desire”. It’s a good one!!!

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