Tiny Movements. Big Gains.

Do you have one minute everyday to dedicate to exercising? One minute might sound silly, or not enough to see a difference but as the title says Tiny movements. Big gains. Stay with me as we unpack the power of tiny movements compounded over time. What is tiny movement? It’s actually as simple as starting with 1-minute of your time each day.

tiny movement.big gains.

Michelle Segar Ph.D. says, “If you have 1-minute you have time.”

Starting is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to exercise. As a Coach will always be start really small and work your way up. I would say 1-minute is tiny, so let’s go with it. When you start with one minute you really have no excuse not to do it, and there is this incredible thing when we start moving we don’t want to stop. Endorphins start moving through the body which boost our mood and energy. Not to mention our metabolism is cranking after our movement, we will make healthier foid choices and sleep better. Who doesn’t want all of this?!

Why Tiny Movements of Time?

Did you know that 90% of people quit after 3 months of hitting the gym? Why is this? Their goals are not sustainable. It is also why diets don’t work and have been proven to actually make you gain weight. Big long term goals are great, but in order to sustain them for the ong haul you have to break it down into sustainable steps. You going from the couch to the gym for hours, having sore muscles and fatigue, is not going to help you. Moving our body is something that we have to do day in and day out for the rest of our lives, so why not make it simple and fun! You don’t even need a gym or equipment to start, and it will barely take up any of your time. You will start to notice you enjoy this movement and want to do more.

What should I do for exercise?

  1. Pick your exercise of choice. (hint; pick something you actually like!) I am going to pick sun salutations, because they work all parts of the body, give me a good stretch, and make me feel powerful and grounded.

2. Set your timer for 1-minute.

3. Decide what time you will wake up to perform your 1-minute of exercise. Set an alarm, and seriously make this easy. If you aren’t a morning person don’t wake up super early. If mornings are usually crazy, wait until after breakfast. Make your commitment fit your lifestyle and make it EASY!

4. Put your workout on your calendar as a reminder to do it EVERYDAY.

5. After one week you will add another minute to your timer. You might start to notice that once you start doing your exercise that you want to keep going. BRAVO!! Keep going!!Exercise is energizing and should make you feel so good!

6. Continue to add a minute to each week until you reach 30-minutes. In one month you will have a 4-minute workout every single day, and so on. Tiny, sustainable, goals.

7. Consistency. You will be shocked by the results you will see with consistent exercise, even if it is a tiny amount of time each day. 1-minute EVERYDAY, the everyday part being the most important key to success. If you can, make the time of day you exercise the same time every day. Your body will get into a rhythm and actually CRAVE that movement.

Tips, tricks, and hard “no’s”.

If you like the one-minute workout and want more, you can add it into different parts of your day and compound the time quicker. For example: Perform 1-minute in the morning, afternoon, and evening. That’s 3-minutes per day. Do you have 3-minutes? I hope so! Also spreading out movement throughout the day keeps you energized and your cells happy and growing.

No excuses. 1-minute of your time should not involve excuses. You don’t even need workout attire or equipment for any of these exercises. You’ve got this!!

Mark off a calendar as you do your workout everyday. It is so satisfying to see how far you have progressed and definitely makes you want to continue your streak!


  • plan to go to the gym for an hour. 
  • plan to take an hour class
  • try to run 5 miles when you don’t run

tiny movement. big gains.

Think about what you want to see yourself doing in the future. Will you be able to do that day in and day out for years to come?

Let’s not over complicate this! Keep it small!!

1-minute workout examples:

Park your car at the back of your work/grocery store/Target parking lot when you walk in.

Jumping jacks




Walk for 1-minute

High knees

Mountain climbers

Sun salutations(full body)

Burpees(full body)

Walk to your mailbox

Take the stairs


Play a sport with your child

Once you start moving it is going to be really hard to stop, because it feels good, and our bodies are meant to MOVE. But don’t think about that, focus on 1-minute each day of movement, keep it simple, switch up daily, do a couple of each. If you need ideas or support please feel free to email me. One of my favorite parts of my job is making health simple. Eating, moving and sleeping does not have to be complicated. I am here to help you break down your goals and start applying them to your life today.

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