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Proper digestion and a healthy immune system, two important things we strive for that make life a little bit easier, more comfortable(hehe), and our necessary for a long healthy life. This is why a lemon a day is my second beverage every morning. Everyone knows my favorite color is yellow but that’s not why I start my day with this tart concoction. I love my water room temperature (I know I’m weird), I fill a glass and squeeze in half of a lemon. I drink the whole glass before I move on to my coffee. Why do I do this? Here are my reasons, along with the slew of amazing benefits that come with lemons, and of course WATER.

My top three benefits:

  1. Hydration. We wake up in the morning super dehydrated. The majority of us are mouth breathing (check the blog), wake up late and rushed, skip breakfast and just have coffee, or go straight to coffee. Hydrating your body should be your number one priority when you get up.

2. Digestion. This is a big one!! We all need and want proper digestion, especially if we are pregnant or postpartum. That can become a little more difficult in these times. Lemons and hydration mixed together is the answer. The acids in lemons help break down the food, which in turn helps us digest them easier. Lemons are also amazing in keeping our kidneys healthy and functioning properly. Check out “Clean Gut” By Alejandro Junger for more powerful foods for a healthy gut.

3. Immune System. One lemon can give us 50% of our daily dose of Vitamin C!! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Even squeezing half into my glass of water in the morning gives me a nice boost of vitamin C, the rest of the day I get my C from vegetables and in my diet.

Tip: If you are sick(or your child), starting to feel run down, squeeze a lemon into hot water, with raw local honey. This is a instant throat soother and will also boost your immune system with vitamin C. My daughter loves it!

Now before you run off and start guzzling gallons of lemon water, stop! One glass is plenty! The citric acid that helps break down our food is not good for our teeth if we are drinking it all day everyday. Start with one 8oz glass, and focus on drinking it each morning. I would suggest warm or room temperature water (it is gentler on your digestive system).

Here are some other wonderful benefits of lemons and their super powers.

  • Lemons reduce kidney stones.
  • Contain phytonutrients full of powerful antioxidants
  • Vitamin C not only supports immune function but also helps with collagen production. Hello, fine lines and healthy skin.
  • A potassium boost that keeps sodium levels in check
  • Reduces inflammation in the body due to flavonoids, which protect your body from oxidative damage that can later cause disease.

There is never going to be one miracle product that heals us, helps us maintain or lose weight. Hydration, digestion, and nutrients should always be our goal each day for fueling our bodies. Drink plenty of water, eat nutrient dense food (no processed food), and move your body. All things you can start doing today, and it can be as tiny as a lemon a day but have a huge impact on your life.

Reference: Tiny Habits by B.J. Fogg

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Dr. Mark Hyman

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