What Will Help My Child Sleep?

Sleep environment is important whether you have a baby, toddler, or older child. It is one thing as parents that we have total control over and can use to create a calm, safe sleep space for our children. What will help my child sleep? Let’s go over some must-have material items you should include to get you on your way to sleep success. Refer to the blog post “Why won’t my baby sleep?” To understand what might be happening in regards to learning sleep skills and routine.

Must-have children’s sleep items.

1. Hatch.

The hatch is a noise machine, nightlight, clock, and alarm clock all in one. You control it from an app on your phone and have endless choices of noise, colors, and gentle alarms to wake up to. The Hatch is great because your child can grow with it. As a baby they can use it as a noise machine and gentle nightlight. As they get older you can use it as an ok to wake clock, turning red when they need to stay in bed and green when it is ok to wake up. It is worth the price tag and one of the first suggestions I give parents as a sleep consultant whether I am coaching a baby or an adult!

1.Blackout Curtains.

Creating a dark space for children is 100% worth the effort. This will not only help tremendously with naps, but also with the natural production of melatonin and building their biological clock. Read about building a biological clock here. The dark, calming space you are building will help support your child in winding down from their day.


Red or amber nightlights are going to be your best friend. When you go in for nighttime feeds and diaper changes you still need to be able to see without turning on the lights. NEVER turn on the lights or you will be up all night! Red or amber nightlights provide a calming glow that will not disrupt melatonin and won’t signal the body that it is time to wake up. These night lights will still be bright enough that you won’t be tripping over toys on your way to take care of your child’s needs.

What NOT to have in your child’s sleep environment.

  • Technology. Tablets, TV, phone, video games, even bright loud toys are too stimulating around bedtime. 
  • Toys. Keep the toys VERY minimal in the bedroom. This space is for REST, not play. 
  • Stuffed animals. Your child’s bed should have one or two favorite stuffies. It should not be overflowing with toys that are distracting and keeping them from being comfortable and able to rest. 
  • Too many blankets and pillows. Keep it simple! A crib should only have a fitted sheet. A toddler bed should have a sheet, light blanket and one pillow.

Safe sleep and SIDS Prevention

Too get a full bedroom check head over to our website. We offer bedroom checks with each of our customized Pediatric Sleep Programs. Safe sleep can seem so simple but many people do it wrong. Take SIDS seriously and set your child up for sleep success with an AAP safe sleep nursery check. As parents we might not be able to put our children to sleep, but we can provide the safest environment for them to learn their sleep skills. Routine and building a biological clock is the next step toward sleep success. Don’t hesitate to reach out for sleep support! At FED Coaching we don’t believe in a one size fits all sleep approach. We provide a personalized sleep plan to meet your child’s sleep needs and align with your unique family values. Contact us today!

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