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Empowerment for moms packed into a weekly email. Empowerhood is a newsletter series of REAL life mom stories by real mamas. We like to think of it as empowerment+motherhood= Empowerhood. Be inspired by these incredible women! From small mistakes and huge challenges, to grief and loss. Reward and triumphs, setbacks and gains. Come along with us as we delve into all areas of motherhood through many different views, cultures, and lifestyles.

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Motherhood defined by real moms.

Excerpts from Empowerhood.

Megan(mama to Greye age 7)

I went to work, didn’t cancel one appointment. I hopped on the zoom call at 11:50am, and saw all the kids lined up, so excited for their graduation with their “I graduated Kindergarten signs”. Then my client walked in…and I walked away from the most important little human in my life. Moment gone. Time gone, that I can’t ever get back. And for what? To look important? Success? Money?Someone else’s happiness? 

empowerment inspiration for mom

I am sweating writing this and literally feel disgusted with myself. Mistakes do that to us. This huge one has fueled all of the decisions my husband and I made in the next couple of years. Leaving the business I worked on for years, and the cushy income. I went back to school and started a completely different career at the age of 35. One with my priorities aligned with my authentic self, and my family. I had to get back to my true roots that I am ME first, a mother and a wife, nothing else matters. I will not be defined by my career, success, or material objects. Authenticity and family.  Always. 



Holly(mama to Caleb and Jesse 7 and 5)

empowerment inspiration for mom

If you had asked me if this would have made me happy years ago, I would have told you I wasn’t cut out to be a stay-at-home mom and trust me when I say it’s the hardest job I have ever had. Getting to leave the house on some days and go to work a job I am passionate about would be a welcome reprieve from tantrums and housework and what feels like endless chauffeur trips.

 But being there when they get in the car after school each day and have them so excited to tell me about their days is the best feeling. They say “you plan and God laughs” and I know God has had more than a few laughs at my expense, but I know that my most important work right now is at home with them. At one point working was what my family needed. Now realizing that I don’t want or need it “all” and that I am happy having had the opportunity to work my dream job, and now I have moved into a different phase of life, is completely freeing.



Lauren(mama to Tripp 7-months old)


Finding balance through every version of myself (mama, partner, business owner) has been quite the journey so far. I don’t want to think of it as a struggle, but more like a work in progress – after all, we are human; constantly evolving, learning and adapting. When I get home, Tripp gets my full attention. It hurts that there are some nights where I don’t even get to see him because he is already in bed when I get home.

I take so much pride in my work, but it can’t and shouldn’t always come first– being present is priceless. The questions that I mentioned in the very beginning, well what if “they” need me? “They” can wait. The salon, for me, and for you, whatever your work is, can wait. Don’t forget to ask for help. Delegate. And remember that “no” is a full sentence. Change is hard, and in this new walk of life, keep it simple. 



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Every week get the full versions of each incredible mom going through many different life events from mistakes, infertility, grief, abuse, illness, and any challenge you can imagine. These are real moms! Career mamas, SAHM’s, single mama’s, new moms to moms that are now Grandma’s. The wisdom is endless! Although we all have different circumstances, different views on parenting, and live all over the US, we have one thing in common. We want the best for our children. Join the movement and be inspired!!

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