How to Prevent SIDS

How to prevent SIDS. SIDS is an acronym for “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”. Each year 3500 babies die of SIDS and accidental deaths in America. While researchers and doctors still do not know why SIDS occurs, they do know a lot of things that can help prevent it and have significantly changed death statistics in our country. You can find all of the AAP recommendations here, they are regularly updated and are strictly followed in my Pediatric Sleep Practice. The top three regulations I always start with are below. Again check out the AAP website for all of the regulations and also tons of free resources. A nursery and sleep environment check is included in all of my sleep programs to make you feel at ease when you lay your little one down to sleep.


3 things to do for SIDS prevention.

1. Have a bassinet, pack n’ play, or crib set up in your bedroom for your newborn baby to sleep.

.It should be completely FLAT(no elevation at all), with only a tight fitted sheet. This is where your child should sleep at all times until they are 6-months old. Having your baby in the room with you until 6-months old reduces the risk of SIDS by 50%!! Not in bed with you, but in the room with you. 

2. Lay the baby on their back only.

Statistics have significantly gone down since 1990 when they changed the recommendation that a baby must sleep on their belly to back is best. This was a huge discovery! Even if a baby is gassy or has colic, laying them on their back is the safest option.

3. Do not overheat your baby.

No hats, blankets, or pillows when the baby goes to sleep. One layer of clothing and a cotton sleep sack is plenty for a baby to stay warm. Keep the temperature between 68-72 degrees for the child to be comfortable.

I find these three things to be a great place to start if you are preparing for the birth of your child. Get a cotton sleep sack and safe sleep apparatus for the baby(crib, bassinet, pack n’ play) in your bedroom. Lay them on their back, ALWAYS. These three things not only prevent SIDS but also accidental deaths of suffocation or strangulation. Read more about safe sleep practices and common sleep disruptions for babies here.

Stay informed!

SIDS prevention should not be taken lightly!! During the first few months of your baby’s life your thinking might be impaired due to recovery and lack of sleep. Plan ahead support with your partner, family and friends for you to be able to get the rest you need and still be able to follow safe sleep protocol. Head over to AAP’s website for more information and to read more about safe sleep. We are here for you! Reach out for Newborn Sleep Support and education.

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