5 Ways To Improve Your Hair

Hey Friends! Since I am back behind the chair doing hair again let’s kick off 2024 talking about how to improve the health of your hair. Our culture is full of luxury hair products, supplements, and quick fixes guaranteeing thicker, shinier hair.This billion dollar industry provides some truthful, efficient products that will 100% help preserve color and keep your hair healthier. Sometimes this doesn’t work and you really need to focus on healing your hair from the inside out. These 5 ways to improve your hair will have you working towards luscious locks in no time, not to mention your whole body will feel better.

Did you know the skin on the scalp is 4 times more porous than any other skin on the body?

 It absorbs toxins when they come in contact with the scalp and directly enters our blood stream. This brings us to tip number 1.

1.Buy professional hair shampoo and condition.

The less chemicals the better! I will be completely honest with you, finding and “organic” shampoo is hard. Start with looking for sulfate free, and make sure that you get it from a salon or Ulta. Do not trust drug stores, Target, Marshalls and TJ Maxx, buy it from a professional hair store. 

Brands I enjoy:



Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger

2.Professional Color

Have your hair professionally colored. There is a lot of truth to “you get what you pay for”. Box color might be cheap and easy but it is full of harmful chemicals and God forbid you mess up you might be paying a hefty price to have it professionally fixed. This also goes for buying hair color online. If you do not receive this hair color from a professional beauty supply(which you need a license to do) you have no idea what you are actually getting. Going to a professional ensures that you are getting a top notch professional color that will not harm your hair.

3. Ammonia vs Ammonia Free.

This is a topic for a full blog but to give you the rundown ammonia is only dangerous in high percentages. Colors claiming to be ammonia free use synthetic ingredients to produce the same reaction in the hair that ammonia does. It is NOT healthy and is the number one cause of dermatitis, hair loss, and dry hair. I personally use an Organic color line that has 1% ammonia, the lowest amount you can have to cover gray hair and still get great results.

4. Whole Foods & water.

Nutrient dense whole foods is exactly how you want to nourish your body for healthy hair. Spinach(all leafy greens), avocado, olive oil, salmon, nuts and seeds are some of my favorite foods to incorporate into my diet regularly. Find the full food list here. Drinking plenty of water is always a great idea to keep our skin and hair moisturized. Avoiding a lot of processed foods full of chemicals is a good idea(especially if you are having skin or hair issues).

Having a consistent healthy eating lifestyle that keeps your blood sugar level and does not trigger our fight or flight(like yo yo dieting) is really important. If we aren’t giving our body enough nourishment the body will go into survival mode and use everything you are giving it for daily bodily function(forget about your hair). Fuel your body daily! Check out all of my health coaching programs to get your nutrition on track .

5. Sleep.

80% of our growth hormone is released while we get good quality sleep. If you aren’t sleeping and wondering why your hair isn’t growing, you should check in with your health. Not to mention sleep controls our appetite, hormones, and energy.. All important factors to make healthy choices in nutrition and movement each day.

How we take of our bodies and the products we use 100% affect our hair and skin. Taking these tips and making small changes to better your health on the inside and also make smarter choices taking care of the outside you will see incredible results. Stay consistent and patient and you watch the whole beauty unfold.

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