What is a Balayage?


Being in the hair industry for 22 years, I have seen so many trends come and go. From chunky, streaky highlights, stick straight hair, crimped, wavey, to jet black or white blonde hair. However, when balayage came along it stuck. It has stayed the most popular technique to have your hair done for over a decade and has actually been around much longer. Believe it or not, balayage started in the 1970’s and is a french word meaning “to sweep”. Now we use it with many different techniques, but they all leave the hair with beautiful blended highlights and lowlights, with a very natural grow out. 

What is balayage?

1. How we paint the color or lightener on the hair.

The stylist sweeps the product up your hair which provides a very natural effect to the highlight.

2. Balayage is not highlights directly to the scalp as a foil would be.

While it can still give you the highlighted effect, it is never directly to the root as you would get with a full or partial foil. This again lets the hair grow out with no distinct line of demarcation. Which means less time in the salon, less maintenance.

3. There are many techniques.

Over the years balayage started as a way to highlight hair and make it look like it was touched by the sun. Now there is teasy-lage, foil-age, hand painted, and many more. 

How do you know if this is right for you?

  • Consult with your professional stylist. 
  • Show her pictures of final results you want and talk over realistic options for yourself. 
  • This technique is not every stylist’s specialty. 
  • Seek out an experienced stylist to give you this service to get the best results. 
  • Look for certifications and education while picking a stylist.
balayage highlights

If you love blended highlights with lower maintenance results, balayage is for you. If you want a sunkissed look, or it is your first time highlighting your hair, balayage is a great option. As a certified Masters of Balayage Artist I can truly say that balayage is my favorite technique to practice, and 100% makes me feel like a true creative artist each and every time someone is in my chair.(my own hair is also balayaged)

Don’t be afraid of balayage. If anything, this technique can be the most natural way to ease into highlighted hair, or it can be the answer for drastic change. It is so versatile for blondes, brunettes, red heads, and gray blending. You name it Balayage will enhance it! It can really meet most everyone’s needs and create beautiful results. If you are in Upstate New York, book your balayage with me today!

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